[Assignment] Introduction to Linguistics Coursework

Choose only ONE question from any of the topics given below and write an essay of about 1500 words.

Topic 1 : History of the English Language
English language, as an International Language, is widely used by people from all over the world. However, the English language is spoken in many varieties as what is known as World Englishes. For example in Malaysia, some people speak Malaysian English (Manglish) and others speak Standard English.
Discuss how Standard English differs from Malaysian English. Provide examples to justify your answer.

Topic 2 : Nature and Function of Language
Non-verbal communication consists of all the messages other than words that are used in communication. In oral communication, these symbolic messages are transferred by means of intonation, tone of voice, vocally produced noises, body posture, body gestures, facial expressions or pauses.
The strength of non-verbal communication is undeniable as in the statement below:
“Non-verbal communication tends to provide the context of verbal communication and has the power to disambiguate or invalidate the content of linguistic expressions” (Krippendorff)
Discuss the statement above and provide relevant evidence to justify your arguments.

Topic 3: Phonology
Non-native speakers of English (NNS) often have problems with pronunciation. Discuss the problem areas and suggest ways to overcome these problems. Provide relevant examples to illustrate your answer.

Topic 4: Morphology

The knowledge of morphology can contribute to our understanding of English vocabulary and grammar better and help us in our future role as an English teacher.

Discuss the statement above. Provide examples to support your answer.

Topic 5: Syntax

An English language teacher should have a very sound knowledge of grammar to enable him/ her to become an effective English teacher. Discuss and provide examples to support your discussion.



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