[LDP] Bahan LDP – MQA – PPG 2011

This file is in ZIP format.
The files were given in .rtf format that quite big.
I already convert to .docx that will support in Office 2007/2010.

Happy ISO thingy…

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13 comments on “[LDP] Bahan LDP – MQA – PPG 2011

      • For literature, just read up the module given. Between topic 1-4 only.

        Choose one of the stories in the module,
        Then, try to create link with the theory in the 2nd topic of the module.
        Use the guide line given. Explain why u choose the theory. Try to relate with the writer background <-hint!

        I been research for 2 days, there are many on the net, but when comes to explain the theory literary criticism,
        U need to type ur own ideas to explain it.

        Just a thought crossed my mind

        How about ur comment? Ideas? Stuck on theory? Hit me.


  1. hi..there..same goes to me la…tension bila fikir soalan assgnment literature….I’ve been read so many times but still blurrrr…so any solution???

    • Determine which story do u really understand in the module.
      Feel the storyline. Than read the theory.
      Pick up the selective text that u think suitable for the theory…

      Some story relate to their background life. Mad, family and political and etc.

      Im not good in this literature thingy, just a thought for sharing…

  2. when go through the question and have to read the story, the first thing im my mind just want to quit,…but kan betul there is no gain without any pains….so try what ever it takes in doing the literature assignment….penat mencari yang sesuai dan lebih mudah….

    • i feel like to quit at first in d process doing lit assgmnt coz i really dnt know how to do it. stil trying to do it…tq farid 4 ur tips on how to undrstand de story. but…stil hard to write it. gd luck 2 evrbody…

  3. Hai farid, lit assgmnt is realy very taugh to do…read so many time stil not 100% understand i’m stuck half way can Fadid try 2 ask Mr.Eng 2 extand the date 4 another 1 week can ha? 2 ask try if can’t nevermind……….tq.

  4. Hi, Farid also feel d same as rgouri. n d time so limited 4 us to understand d question. question taugh like dis should give more time. furthermore, we are not exposed to literature earlier . so, I think Mr Eng should consider our problem.

  5. i agree with gauri and nalini…. they should explain to us first the theory and how to do it…. stil blurred until now…huhuhuhuh

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